Rotel Integrated Amps: A14MKII, RA-1572MKII & RA-1592MKII

The integrated amplifier models from Rotel are getting an upgrade. These are three products from the 14 and 15 series, namely the new A14MKII, RA-1572MKII, and RA-1592MKII. We give a brief overview.

Rotel has focused on circuit design as well as sensitive circuit positions during the redesign. Of course, this means in plain language: improvement on the sonic level. The innovations at the design level are based on the achievements of the Michi models, which we went into detail elsewhere. The three-year development phase of Michi Let’s take a look at the Rotel units. The models all have Ethernet and RS232 ports to integrate control systems. They all have IR remote control and a status display on the front. Intelligent power-on control and speaker connection options with 5-way screw terminals round out the design. All models come in black or silver, depending on taste, and are expected to be available in the summer.


The A14 is Rotel’s flagship Series 14 amplifier. The new A14MKII model is based on each. Not only does this amplifier support all common music sources – analog and digital – but it also supports aptX and AAC Bluetooth to ensure wireless streaming. Since the model has Roon certification, that software can also be used without any problems. For record players, the integrated amplifier offers an MM phono input.

Der neue A14MKII von Rotel in silber


The RA-1572MKII is an integrated amplifier developed from the RA-1572 amplifier. This includes a 32-bit/384 kHz DAC. It also features 33 component changes of coupling capacitors and filter capacitors, creating a wide soundstage.

Rotels neuer, schwarzer RA-1572MKII


The RA-1592MKII integrated amplifier offers all source inputs, plus aptX and AAC Bluetooth. This model also has a Movig magnet phono input and is Roon tested. On the front panel you will find a USB port for your mobile device. Thanks to a high-quality Texas Instruments D/A converter, the conversion is precise and detailed to create a wide stage.

Der RA-1592MKII von Rotel in schwarzer Ausf├╝hrung

Final Thoughts

The goal of the changes in signal processing and newer genes is, of course, for Rotel’s integrated amplifiers to offer even more powerful musical performance, leading to even better music reproduction. That’s why we’re especially excited about the Rotel models and all the innovations the series brings. You can find all of the manufacturer’s integrated amplifiers, which we already have in our range, in our online store.


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