Panasonic’s JZW2004 Brings Hollywood Colors To Your Home

As the flagship of the JZW series, the new  OLED TV replaces the previous model HZW2004 from last year as Panasonic. With a whole series of innovations, the series not only convinces on the manufacturer level but also cuts a good figure in direct comparison with TVs from the competition.

The JZW2004 is available as TX-55JZW2004 with a screen diagonal of 55 and as TX-65JZW2004 of 65 inches. Except for the size, the devices do not differ from each other. Overall, the JZW2004 appears somewhat slimmer than its predecessors and, with the new swivel base, offers the best possible view of the screen from any sitting position.

As with many models from other modern TV manufacturers, an artificial intelligence-based processor forms the “brain” of the TV. In the case of the JZW2004, this is the HCX Pro AI Processor. Its novel Auto-AI picture mode analyzes each scene in real-time and automatically adjusts both picture and sound settings based on a large number of collected reference scenes. This way, all content is optimized for a perfect audiovisual experience without any intervention from you, the viewer. In addition to the Auto-AI picture mode, the picture settings can, of course, still be set manually. Thanks to the built-in Master HDR OLED panel in the Professional Edition, the JZW2004 achieves maximum values in terms of peak and average brightness. With a brightness of up to 916 candela per square meter (or 916 nits), it is perfectly suited for reproducing HDR material. It covers 99 percent of the extended color spectrum (DCI P3 color space) and hits the colors to be displayed with all intermediate tones with outstanding accuracy. In addition, integrated sensors in the TV set adjust the picture to the ambient brightness. All picture parameters were adjusted in close cooperation with the renowned colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld from Hollywood. Incidentally, Panasonic OLED TVs have been used as reference monitors there for quite some time.

With Multi HDR Ultimate, Panasonic is flexible with regard to possible HDR formats. Dolby Vision, Dolby Vision IQ, HLG Photo, and the new HDR10+ Adaptive are used. The new 360° Soundscape Pro with upward and side-firing speakers also lets you immerse yourself even deeper into the action without additional equipment. It is a Dolby Atmos compatible sound system with the “Tuned by Technics” seal. It has a total output of 125 watts and an integrated subwoofer. In addition to dual Bluetooth, two DVB tuners and four HDMI 2.1 inputs, the first two of which are equipped with eARC and FreeSync Premium, RJ-45, S/PDIF, USB 2.0 (2x), USB 3.0, and headphone output are also available. Furthermore, two CI+ slots allow decoding pay-TV programs. Thanks to the HDMI 2.1 interfaces with 4K resolution, a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, ALLM (“Auto Low Latency Mode”), and VRR (“Variable Refresh Rate”), the JZW2004 is not the least suitable for gamers. When connecting compatible game consoles, the JZW2004 automatically selects the mode with the lowest latency. Overall, Panasonic can claim one of the lowest latency times for OLED devices. The JZW2004 relies on a multi-tuner with a twin concept. This allows recording a show in parallel on a connected USB hard drive, for example, while watching a show live on another channel. The same applies to UHD programs. Furthermore, as a TV>IP client, the JZW2004 is able to receive TV programs from the home network and make them available for compatible devices equipped with a client. Panasonic’s latest operating system, My Home Screen in new version 6.0, now allows even faster access to all desired content such as TV shows, streaming services, media libraries, apps, or external players. The redesigned remote control with a microphone makes it easy to operate the TV in combination with common voice assistants such as Google Assistant. The tried-and-tested Filmmaker mode is also on board.

Final Thoughts

The new OLED TV JZW2004 from Panasonic in the TX-55JZW2004 and TX-65JZW2004 versions is impressive due to its first-class color fidelity and color accuracy and its enormously pronounced contrast range with high peak brightness. Moreover, it is suitable for enjoying a wide variety of video material – also in HDR – and for use with the latest video consoles. All in all, Panasonic has brought an excellent product to the market, and we look forward to presenting it to you at our retail store at the next opportunity.

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