New Samsung UHD televisions in our showrooms

As you know, we have a lot to offer in addition to our hifi products and expertise. Today we'd like to present two examples very latest products from our showroom: the two UHD televisions Samsung 85HU7590 und Samsung 65HU8590.

Before we move on: UHD stands for Ultra-HD describing a new digital video format that is either four times (4K) or eight times (8K) higher dissolves than the current full HD standard. Find out in this article why with these Samsung models, you will be more than well-equipped to deal with the future.

While the Samsung 85HU7590 with its truly impressive ”85 inches comes in a classic flat design, the Samsung 65HU8590 still boasts a screen diagonal of ”65 inches which although slightly smaller impreses with its novel curved design. The curved screen, in conjunction with the high resolution makes for not only a razor-sharp images but also for a deeper and more intense visual perception.

Both TVs also support what’s known as ‘Upscaling’. Having the grasp of this set of digital tricks ensures not only is the specially created new UHD material supported in the new 4k resolution, even old content that is presents itself in a lower resolution, are then ‘Upscaled’ and shown in a whole new light. The result is dazzling. Naturally both devices master 3D playback without hesitation and displaying high levels of on-screen movement and action without a single flaw to think of.

Eröffnet neue Perspektiven: Das Curved-Design des Samsung 65HU8590

Introducing a new perspective: the Curved-Design of the Samsung 65HU8590

Not has the picture when taken care of; the elegant design is a masterpiece in its own right. The connections to the equipment are limited to a minimum with just two. One cable provides for the main power, the other leads to Samsung One-Connect box in a comfortable length of 3 meters. So you have enough room to place them out of sight and forget the cable clutter safely. When you’ve chosen the perfect place, the box is readily suitable the whole range of possible feed sources.

The special highlight: establish yourself in the future with new interfaces or the even faster processors that are available that you want to use, simply switch to the One-Connect box, rather than having to invest in a new device. Other manufacturers can learn something from the Korean industry leader in this regard, with their generous computing power, of course, all the Smart TV functions on board. The connection to various video-on-demand portals is also guaranteed, such as access to social networks and the Samsung’s own App offer. In addition, your Samsung devices understanding each other, it is possible to mirror the screen of your Samsung smartphone or tablet. So you can enjoy your snapshots or your favorite game even in large format.

Die Konfiguration des Samsung 55HU7590. Unser Mitarbeiter Robert weiß, was zu tun ist.

</a When it ought to be a bit smaller: our team member Robert configures the Samsung 55HU7590

We invite you to come and experience this all yourself, we have a suitable size to fit every need. We stock both screen sizes in the ”55-”85 inches for the straight or ”55 and ”78 inches for the curved model.

Of course we are happy to provide you with further advice. You can try calling us 030 253 753 20, email us at and of course face-to-face at Großbeerenstraße 65/66 in Berlin-Kreuzberg available. Mon – Fri 10:00 to 19:00 Sat 10:00 to 15:00

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