New Arrivals: The LAGOON ANC From Beyerdynamic

The new LAGOON ANC from Beyerdynamic really has it in them! The absolute highlight is, of course, the digital Active Noise Cancelling. We will take a closer look at this function and other special features of these headphones in the following.

Aesthetics and Sound

The LAGOON ANC is distinguished by its Memory Foam padding, covered in imitation leather, which gently surrounds the ears. This naturally reduces any disturbing noises right from the start. The spring steel bow ensures a comfortable fit on the head. A particular advantage is that the housing shells can be folded up, which makes the headphones particularly flexible to transport. They are stored in the enclosed hard case.
The LAGOON ANC is available as Traveller in black and Explorer in brown.


As you already know from Beyerdynamic, there is a touchpad in the right ear bowl which is used to operate the LAGOON ANC. In addition, these headphones are equipped with the Light-Guide system: If you set them down, you can see different colours shining on the inside. They provide information on the current status of the battery and Bluetooth connection and also indicate how the headphones should be worn.

Active Noise Cancelling

Probably the biggest highlight of LAGOON ANC is, of course, the digital Active Noise Cancelling, which is regulated in two stages. This cancels out ambient noises, which can reduce listening pleasure. This works by means of microphones that are mounted both on the outside and inside the housing shell of the headphones. They pick up the sounds and generate a counter-sound wave. This neutralizes the sounds and prevents them from reaching the eardrum.

Sound Personalization

Once the outside noise has been neutralized, the MOSAYC sound personalization unfolds its full range of functionality. As the name suggests, it completes the sound. Listeners*inside first perform a hearing test with the MIY app for Android and iOS and then use it to create an individual sound profile. (If you would like to know more about the hearing test, please read our article on the Aventho wireless. There we explain it in detail.) The profile is stored in the headphones and also works without any further use of the app.


Of course, using the LAGOON ANC ensures the best transmission of Bluetooth signals, so your music will sound great anyway. You can play via iOS or Android and look forward to excellent sound – even before you have activated Active Noise Cancelling. When ANC has activated again, the headphones convince with great acoustics without noise and the personal touch through its own sound profile. Absolute peace from the outside and full concentration on the essentials are guaranteed.


The LAGOON ANC stands for switching off the outside world and enjoying your own music to the full. Music enjoyment of up to 46 hours or 24 hours with noise canceling activated encourages you to take the over-ear headphones with you into everyday life. Waiting was definitely worth it!

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