Mark Levinson’s 5000 Series Gets An Addition: The No. 5105 Turntable

The No. 5802 and the No. 5805 integrated amplifiers from Mark Levinson's 5000 Series released last year have been joined by four new devices. In addition to the No. 5101 (SA) CD player and network streamer with DA converter, the No. 5206 high-end preamplifier in dual mono design and the No. 5302 high-end stereo power amplifier, the upper class phono drive No. 5105 — which also is the subject of this article!

As one of the leading manufacturers in the HiFi sector, Mark Levinson is known for devices that set standards in their price class. They always live up to their own claim of reproducing music in its entirety to enable exclusive enjoyment. Already in the past, they managed to convince not only us at HiFi im Hinterhof, but also our clientele of the high level of their products.

Even if they have not been present on the turntable market for long, Mark Levinson are no longer complete newcomers in this field. Back in 2017, they presented their first turntable, the No. 515, at the CES trade show in Las Vegas. Now you might think they could have left it at that for now. Mark Levinson decided against it, however, and so the No. 5105 was also announced at CES last year for summer of this year. You can find out why friends of the black gold can be happy about this in the next lines.

First it becomes fast clear, the mark of Harman Luxury audio places with the processing quality and material quality of the again appearing disk player the same high requirements, as to the remaining components of the 5000er product row. In doing so, the precision-engineered No. 5105 premium turntable invokes the manufacturer’s iconic design. Its hallmarks in this context include the use of robust materials, intricate finishes and striking geometry. According to their own statement, they understand the No.5105 in this regard as a statement in terms of precision engineering, outstanding manufacturing quality and uncompromising design.

Mark Levinson's No. 5105 Plattenspieler

The new Mark Levinson turntable is built on a solid aluminum base that is almost five centimeters thick. This is milled from a single block and rests on three adjustable aluminum feet. To minimize vibration, each foot is equipped with an internal suspension system.

The design of the front panel is both stylish and friendly to use. Approximately 2.5 inches thick, glass bead blasted, black anodized aluminum front panels form a gently curved profile and flow seamlessly into a black tinted glass display. Also encased in a clear anodized aluminum bezel, the latter also houses the player’s controls. The player can be turned on and off via a standby button. Using the two speed controls, the desired speed of the 6 kg aluminum turntable can be set between 33 and 45 revolutions per minute. Suspended on a hardened steel axle, it is driven by a digitally controlled 12 V synchronous motor via an external belt. The fact that the motor is controlled by a digital signal means that the speed is always precisely controlled. The platter rests on a precise lubrication-free bearing made of a special composite material and a sintered brass bushing.


The tonearm suspension is a dual-axis construction, once again relying on aluminum. As usual, the quite pragmatic anti-skating device based on the thread/weight method is also found here.

The 25-centimeter-long tonearm tube is made of high-gloss carbon fibers. But why carbon fibers? Carbon fibers have several advantages over other materials. For one thing, they are extremely light, but at the same time they are particularly stiff, which enables them to dampen vibrations. The tonearm ends in a robust headshell with integrated finger lift. Of course, said aluminum headshell allows the mounting of all available MM and MC cartridge systems. The Mark Levinson No.5105 can be purchased either without cartridge or in the No.5105MC version including factory-mounted Ortofon Quintet Black MC cartridge. The new turntable measures 438 x 395 x 154 millimeters and weighs in at an impressive 34 kg. Speaking of scales – to facilitate leveling or a horizontal alignment, a “bubble level” (small spirit level) is embedded on the top of the housing. Smart idea, in our opinion.

Also successful is the handing of the characteristic turntable mat and the user manual. These are stylishly delivered in a 12-inch double LP gatefold case. Also included are a 5000 series aluminum IR remote control, a screw terminal – made of aluminum, of course – and, most importantly, a template for optimal alignment of the pickup system – also made of aluminum.


The Mark Levinson No.5105 turntable represents a solution not only for Mark Levinson itself to realize the goals of the 5000 series in a turntable, but also for vinyl lovers looking for a precise and visually appealing drive of the highest quality. The high-displacement motor plays your favorite groove at once unobtrusively, quietly, and determinedly self-possessed, promising precise reproduction of what’s actually on the record. The whole thing without artifacts or other disturbing noises. Visually and sonically, the No.5105 fits perfectly into the Mark Levinson universe, but also cuts an outstanding figure in any other setup.

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