Listen to the KEF Blade Two at HiFi im Hinterhof

As of yesterday the wait is over: for the first time and with great pleasure, we unpacked the new KEF Blade Two and set them up. We've written some first impressions for you, along with some accompanying photos of the beauties.

The two large packages with the unmistakably marked ‘KEF Blade Two’ were waiting impatiently (or was it us who were impatient?) in our showroom by 2pm yesterday, just in time for action. However before we could begin The Unpacking Ceremony, we had to shift the big sister pair of Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond out of the way, not easy at 102kg. And now that the heavyweights were finally brought together by fate, we could finally start.


Vorm Auspacken der KEF Blade Two


With a few simple steps we opened the appropriately robust packaging of this first class speaker, and low-and-behold, there was the object of desire delicately wrapped in white cloth. Removing the protective styrofoam veil, it draped down to reveal the silhouette of the Blade Two. The feeling was that of being present at the unveiling of a mysterious sculpture, not simply unpacking a speaker. Such thought has obviously gone into its production. A shiney black Blade Two stood in all its full glory, being extensively reviewed from all sides, to be appreciated and considered further…


KEF Blade Two Nahaufnahme


Das Terminal der KEF Blade Two


Fuß und Spikes der KEF Blade Two im Detail

Oh yes, there was something else, yes. A second copy. And speakers are actually meant for listening. Although it is now already knows the design of the blade for a while, you can just lose by so extravagantly designed piece of art before the real heart of the matter out of sight. We therefore repeated the procedure just described a second time, quickly put some instant photo ideas and indulged our ears as the grand finale of course at least a few minutes Blade Two sound before we first had to go back on the agenda. For an in-depth analysis of sound it is certainly too early, but the clarity with which was the instrumentalists manifested in our first test run before the mind’s eye impressive at first. Come along and just listen even it out!


Gegenüberstellung von KEF Blade und KEF Blade Two


Frank und Johannes mit der KEF Blade und der KEF Blade Two


KEF Blade Two mit Musical Fidelity CD-Player und Accuphase Verstärker


<KEF Blade Two Stereo Nahaufnahme

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