Lange Nacht der Ohren – Saturday 7 November 2015 from 5pm until midnight

It's time again: The Lange Nacht Der Ohren is in its eigth year and we look forward again this year to many interesting guests and, of course, to you. We haven't finalised all the details just yet but here are some to start with...

Lange Nacht der Ohren

For those who do not know the Lange Nacht der Ohren here’s a brief outline of what’s on offer. Since 2009 we, along with some of our colleagues open our doors on the first Saturday evening of November and offer a colorful bouquet of interesting demonstration systems and workshops as well as an excellent opportunity to network with other music and art enthusiasts. To help you remember that night in literally a little “get around”, jointly free shuttle buses will be available who commute on two circular routes (Charlottenburg / Wilmersdorf and Kreuzberg) between all participating stores. Some impressions, especially on our program last year, can be found here.

Our First Program Overview

We begin with a very special guest who visits us on top of a very special occasion: Matthias Böde, former chief editor of Stereo who gave his very first hi-fi workshop with us twenty years ago so the event will be somewhat of a twentieth anniversary workshop anniversary as part of the Lange Nacht der Ohren 2015. We currently work together to find an exciting topic and will give this course, in due course. On our second major point of the program content is already locked in: we will hear the brand new Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond D3 series and Ulf Soldan, in his capacity Product Manager at B&W, will provides us with interesting comments on the concept and the technical implementation of the new exceptional speakers from Great Britain.

Furthermore, we look forward to seeing some old friends: Olaf Steinert will once again represent Naim Audio and present the high-quality streaming solutions manufacturer, while Armin Kern from Ortophon will show us what is on offer and providing the opportunity to compare them with each other. The colleagues of AudioQuest, who presented special network cable for audio applications in the last two years are, again firmly scheduled.

Moreover, it’s all about the latest Projector generation and 3D sound formats Dolby turn in our home cinema studios atom and Auro 3D and last but not least, there are in our TV studio Our soundbar favorites, special TV and multimedia furniture, plus the latest television trends to discover.
For more information or a time and location map will follow soon!

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