KEF’s KC62 Shows That Size Doesn’t Matter

The British manufacturer KEF already caused quite a stir at the beginning of the year with the presentation of new driver technology. This technology, known as Uni-Core, is used for the first time in the compact KC62 subwoofer. Let us introduce you...

Contrary to the common large-volume design of subwoofers, the developers at KEF set themselves the task of finding a space-saving solution for low bass reproduction. The challenge in reducing the cabinet volume was to ensure simultaneously high efficiency with strong assertiveness even in the low registers. The patent-pending Uni-Core technology is the key to the breakthrough format of the bass speaker. Thanks to the Uni-Core, the cabinet size of the KC62 has been reduced by more than a third. The two overlapping voice coils of the back-to-back mounted woofers (similar to the KEF Blade) are installed in such a way that their concentric arrangement leaves enough room for each other to deflect in order to generate the required cone excursion. Due to the fact that the cones are driven by a single common motor, it takes advantage of force cancellation. As a result, the KC62 can inspire with a precise, fast and powerful reproduction of deep bass despite its dimensions of about 25 x 26 x 25 centimeters. The subwoofer’s twin drivers are driven by a specially developed Class D power amplifier with 1,000 W RMS.

In addition to the Uni-Core, two other innovative technologies from the KEF forge are responsible for the relatively high sound level of the KC62 in terms of dimensions. Firstly, a brand new driver surround allows the acoustic pressure inside the cabinet to be resisted without sacrificing sensitivity. The P-Flex surround is also known as the “origami surround” for the reason that it is folded in a manner inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding. Its use allows for both deeper bass extension and more accurate bass response while reducing distortion.
Secondly, the motion feedback system, also new and patent-pending, called Smart Distortion Control, is said to help correct even the smallest deviations from the original signal. By measuring the current within the voice coil, any nonlinear distortion can be detected and subsequently corrected. This results in less distorted and clearer bass reproduction. This is complemented by various performance-enhancing DSP algorithms, such as iBX (Intelligent Bass Extension) and SmartLimiter, which continuously analyze the signal and, by avoiding overloads, refine it. The ability to adjust the subwoofer’s sound to the listening room using five preset “Room Placement Equalization” functions allows the KC62 to reach its full potential in all listening situations.

The line output with a high-pass filter allows fine-tuned integration into any listening environment, while KEF’s SmartConnect eliminates any connection problems in advance. Furthermore, the KC62 is also compatible with the KW1 adapter kit, allowing wireless connectivity.

Even though the good sound is KEF’s top priority, the Brits prove once again with the KC62 that design is also thought of from the start. Weighing in at an astonishing 14kg, the subwoofer is made of attractive extruded aluminum and is available in either Carbon Black or Mineral White. Its disappearing size allows it to fit easily into any interior and due to its successful design language, the subwoofer makes an aesthetic statement despite its size.

Final Thoughts

The KEF KC62 breaks with the idea that the sound of subwoofers is directly dependent on their size. Its exceptional sound, with its football-sized design, now eliminates any argument based on the size that you shouldn’t buy a subwoofer. KEF’s clever additional features make this model a sophisticated powerhouse, and its unique position on the market makes it a standout in our lineup as well. We look forward to seeing how other manufacturers respond to KEF’s forward-thinking technology in the future. Until then, we’ll let the KC62’s bass massage our souls.

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