Just Landed At HiFi: JBL’s HDI Loudspeaker Series

JBL has launched a new series of speakers that form an all-rounder system: From the HDI-4500 centre speaker, the HDI-1600 compact speaker; the two floorstanding speakers: the HDI-3600, or the HDI-3800, to the HDI-1200P subwoofer — everything has been covered. Also worth a mention are the HDI-FS stands, which are perfectly designed for the 1600 speakers.

The modernist design of the speakers is striking. The housing of the HDI models has also been kept simple. The rounded corners also stand out, which sets them somewhat apart from other JBL models. The series is available in a range of colour-ways: grey oak, high-gloss black, and walnut.

The woofers in the tower and bookshelf models and the centre speaker all feature JBI’s patented 2410-H2 driver. The reason for this is that such a setup naturally sounds best when the sound from all speakers is as close together as possible. As you’d expect from JBL, the HDI Series also features the manufacturer’s advanced acoustic technology. This means that the aesthetics that the speakers present to the outside world are reflected in their outstanding sound. The basis for this is also identical for all models the high-definition waveguide technology, which works in combination with the high-frequency compression driver. The result is a simultaneously dynamic yet natural sound.
Die neuen Lautsprecher der Serie HDI von JBL

The size is also something that sets the drivers of the elegant speakers apart from others. They all have an aluminium matrix cone that is adapted to the size of each speaker. The quintet also has matching magnetic grilles — while also looking chic without them.

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