Just In: The JBL 4312SE

Once again, because it's that beautiful: Although we've already spoken about JBL loudspeakers in detail here and there, we don't want to miss the opportunity to mention another newcomer from the same company, this time the 4312SE, at least briefly at this point.

About the JBL 4312SE

The JBL 4312SE is a limited jubilee model to mark the American manufacturer’s 70th anniversary and a direct successor to the JBL 4310 – the first JBL loudspeaker ever. This loudspeaker, designed as a studio monitor, quickly became extremely successful and inspired not only later consumer models such as the L100, etc., but also a number of direct further developments such as the 4311, 4312 and many years later now the 4312SE.

Of course, the 4312SE is no longer a studio monitor and the materials and components have been brought up to the latest state of the art. At the same time, JBL has remained true to the basic concept, so that here too we are dealing with a classic three-way system. The bass driver used is a 300 mm woofer with an Aquaplas-coated cellulose membrane. A polymer-coated 125 mm midrange driver, also made of cellulose, is responsible for the midrange. The dome tweeter made of a magnesium-aluminum alloy with the flat waveguide familiar from the L100 Classic provides airy highs. The mid- and high-frequency spectrum can also be regulated here within reasonable limits by the two potentiometers on the front of the cabinet, and the bass reflex channel on the front provides support for the low bass. The design of the speaker cover is less extravagant than on the L100 Classic: a smooth, black cover is the only option available.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell: the JBL 4312SE will blow you away with its sound. The three-way loudspeaker proves to be a grateful playing partner for many systems and combines a detailed sound image with a high degree of dynamic enjoyment. We repeat ourselves: testing is worthwhile.

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