JBL’s L100 Anniversary Edition: The Classic 75

The 75th anniversary of JBL is coming up, and that is certainly cause for celebration! The big highlight is the anniversary edition of the L100 Classic, appropriately named the JBL L100 Classic 75th Anniversary. We take a look at the improvements to the limited edition bookshelf speaker. 

It’s already remarkable that JBL was founded 75 years ago. Some 24 years later, the L100 Century speaker was introduced. So this year, it only fits to celebrate these two events with the exclusive L100 Classic 75. Quite fittingly for the occasion, this speaker is limited to 750 pairs. All are accompanied by a signed badge and a certificate of authenticity. Of course, the speaker presents itself in its well-known 70s retro design with a black Quadrex foam grille and a high-class cabinet with teak veneer. On the front and rear are special edition badges, an emblem with Chris Hagen’s signature, the system engineer of the L100 Classic 75, and the speaker’s pair number. The icing on the cake in terms of visual appeal is the gold and black JBL logo. Also included are JS120 floor stands so you can showcase your new speakers accordingly.

Now you’re probably still wondering what improvements the L100 Classic 75 brings to the table. We’ve already talked about the appearance. What about the connectivity? The speaker features an improved woofer design, further lowering bass distortion. Improvements to the midrange and tweeter components result in smoother responses from both drivers. The network has also been revised. This now offers bi-wire capabilities via a premium input jack with two sets of gold-plated binding posts. This has improved both the appearance and, of course, the sound quality, and the two go hand in hand. At the end of production, each L100 Classic 75 speaker has been individually tested by a team of engineers to ensure the best possible performance.

The L100 Classic 75 models are delivered in a specially made wooden box, which in turn has artwork on the side panels. This tastefully rounds off the exquisite overall work.

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