Made in USA: In-Ear Campfire Audio IO, Polaris & Andromeda 2

We have recently looked around the market for in-ear headphones and, after extensive testing, added three new Campfire Audio models to our range. Below we briefly introduce the headphones and the manufacturer.

A Look At Campfire Audio

What is a phytopathology specialist doing for the US government in search of new challenges? Switch to the hi-fi industry, of course. Since then, Ken Ball, based in Portland, Oregon on the west coast of the United States, has established not just one but two successful companies, with ALO Audio specializing in cables, small amplifiers, accessories and the like, and Campfire Audio repeatedly attracting attention to the in-ear headphone market since 2015. So not only can Ken Hall be congratulated on having successfully turned his passion into a profession; friends of fine music reproduction on the go can also be pleased about the exciting range of audiophile in-ear listeners on offer.

IO, Polaris 2 and Andromeda 2

The three models we have selected have a few things in common: they are from 2019, i.e. the Polaris and Andromeda are the second generation and therefore all three in-ear headphones have the same robust, two-piece housing made of anodised aluminium (IO: red, Polaris 2: blue, Andromeda 2: green). The same applies to the stainless steel bell, where the Polaris 2 has a black grommet to match the screws, and the Andromeda 2 has slightly differently structured openings.

The scope of delivery also includes a leather case in the corresponding colour, a cleaning tool, a storage net as well as three different attachment types in different sizes (4x Final Audio E-Type Tips, 3x Campfire Audio Marshmellow Tips, 3x Silicone Earphone Tips) in order to ensure a perfect fit. The included cable is also the same model. It consists of a silver coated copper core, comes with a 3.5mm jack connector on one side and stable MMCX connectors on the other side, is 1.35 m long and has a subtle grey colouring. The cable sections running over the ears are provided with an elastic reinforcement and thus adapt flexibly to the anatomical structure.

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of our overview of the Campfire Audio In-Ear models IO, Polaris 2 and Andromeda 2. All three models play at a high level, but of course, differ in their sound signature. You can now discover, judge and compare these in our demonstration, even during extensive trial listening. We look forward to your visit!

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