Get In Quick! The New 4K Projector From LG

LG has set a milestone with its first proprietary 4K-UHD projector. The HU80K SW convinces both in terms of technology and design. Whether it's film evenings with friends or videos from your last holiday: with the LG Presto, any room can be converted into a home cinema in no time at all. Since the beamer has a practical carrying handle, it's child's play. The other advantages of the premium projector are listed below.
Get In Quick! The New 4K Projector From LGGet In Quick! The New 4K Projector From LGGet In Quick! The New 4K Projector From LGGet In Quick! The New 4K Projector From LGGet In Quick! The New 4K Projector From LG

If one takes the dimensions of the Presto, the small one comes only once on 47 cm in the height and (without stand) on each about 16 cm in width and depth. It weighs almost 7 kilos. Nevertheless, the beamer has it all! Its image diagonal reaches an astonishing 150 inches, but at least 30 inches and with a total of 2500 lumens, the Presto also offers the best performance in bright rooms. By the way, the light output is based on the laser light source already known from the LG Allegro.

Of course, the razor-sharp 4K resolution of the DLP projector is worth mentioning, whose details are imaged even finer thanks to super-resolution. The high-resolution content is fed in numerous ways, be it via UHD Blu-rays, game consoles or streaming services. Even HDR10 content is supported, ensuring great contrast. Thanks to the 2K and 4K intermediate image calculation and a mode that calibrates image and color, the image display is always to the point. And, of course, the BT709 color space has also been taken into account.

The core of the poodle is the vertical I-shaped design of the projector. The name comes from the fact that the Presto looks like an i in demonstration mode through the cover at the top. It protects from dust and is also the mirror needed for the wall projection. Whether the beamer is classically fixed to the wall, flexibly stands on the floor or hangs from the ceiling, it always proves an excellent picture quality and through the practical, automated cable rewind function, every variation is easily implemented. Optical zoom and automatic keystone correction are the icings on the cake when it comes to flexibility.

The beamer comes with a total of three USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. There are also HDMI and HDMI ARC inputs and Ethernet. Bluetooth Out, for example, to transmit to wireless Bluetooth speakers, as well as S/PDIF and a 3.5 mm headphone jack are also on board. In addition, the Presto has two built-in 7-watt loudspeakers that provide a powerful sound and support Dolby Audio and dts-HD at the top. The use of additional speakers is therefore obsolete, but of course still possible.

Die Anschlüsse des schlanken Projektors

Not least the operation of the laser projector is remarkable. It is controlled via its Magic Remote, which corresponds excellently with Smart TV content. Access to Netflix, YouTube or Maxdome is child’s play and the projector receives the necessary data from the Internet via WLAN. Furthermore, contents of the home network can be mirrored with the SmartShare WebOS 3.5 interface and contents of smart devices can also be displayed via Presto.

Die Fernbedienung passt perfekt zum Design

However, when purchasing the projector, be sure to choose the version that best suits your needs. The white version HU80K SW corresponds to smart TVs, while the black version does not have smart functions and apps.

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