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After the good experience we had with Devialet's Dione soundbar and Mania portable speakers, we want to turn our attention to the Phantom series. There are two different models: Phantom I and Phantom II. Our clientele highly praises both speakers for their sound quality and exceptional design. Since its launch, Phantom has revolutionized speaker technology and become a reference for acoustic excellence. Learn more about the unique "Made in France" technology!

With the Phantom, Devialet has created an extraordinary loudspeaker that sounds much larger than it is.
It took over ten years of research and development, more than 200 pending patents, and 100 professionals in aerodynamics, automotive engineering, acoustics, and mechanical engineering to create a music system that would push the boundaries of physics and deliver performance that set entirely new standards. Devialet‘s mission is to redefine sound’s place in our lives with audio experiences that make a tangible impact.

To achieve this, Heart Bass Implosion® technology was used, which includes two side-mounted woofers that work in sync to create opposing forces to cancel out even the smallest vibrations and produce ultra-dense sound. The sound of the Phantom in a word? Implosive, according to Devialet. 1431 custom-made parts work together to create an internal response, both in the Phantom and in you.

The speaker series has various features, including Wifi, Airplay 2, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, UPnP, Optical Cable, and Roon Ready. It also has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with a range of up to 20 meters.

A special remote control comes with each Phantom I, allowing you to control the music or movies with the utmost precision. With touch control, you can easily adjust the Phantom II to your liking. Plus, with the Devialet app, you can customize the speaker’s settings and always stay up to date. All this in a compact and stylish design that looks great in any living space.

Devialet’s success is based on the fundamental and patented technologies found in every Devialet product. The company thrives on innovation in all areas (hardware, software, interior, and exterior design) to continuously provide better acoustics. A dedicated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has been built to produce the various models: Phantom is a French product through and through — everything remains under quality control and in the hands of the well-rehearsed team; short production routes and minimum packaging also make the company more sustainable.

It’s worth a look and an open ear!

The Phantom series is available in different versions. Let’s try out which speaker suits you best.

Also take the opportunity to look at the Dione soundbar, which we have already presented in a video.

We cordially invite you to a presentation in our studios.

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