Monitor Audio’s Limited Edition Silver 100 7G Speakers

High-end masters Monitor Audio are celebrating their 50th anniversary with a limited edition Silver 100 7G

Since the brand’s was founded in 1972, Monitor Audio has remained true to its reputation of not resting on its laurels, but constantly evolving to ensure a continually outstanding listening experience. Not least for this reason, the British manufacturer has been one of our core speaker manufacturors for more than 40 years. and at the same time on a satisfied clientele. Just in time for this year’s anniversary, Monitor Audio’s seventh-generation Silver 100 will be available in a strictly limited edition at select retailers. We are very pleased to be among the chosen ones and to be able to offer you this treasure from September 2022.


Since the release of the Silver Series 7G — which we’ve introduced in a post here — especially the compact loudspeakers Silver 100 7G enjoy a great demand among our clientele. In our opinion, quite rightly. On the one hand, due to their excellently manufactured housing. On the other hand, of course, they convince especially by their powerful music reproduction with minimized vibrations, which you owe, among other things, their almost to perfection revised drivers made of metal and ceramic. The limited edition of the Silver 100 7G impresses with its classic Heritage Green finish, which is rounded off by the gold-colored anodized C-CAM woofers. Except for the external values, the technology remains the same and the excellent sound quality of the original is preserved. The speakers are limited to a small number of pieces, which is why Monitor Audio have paid much attention to the uniqueness, the copies. On the one hand, there is an individual serial number on the back of the housing and on the other hand, the buyers receive a certificate of authenticity for their very own pair of speakers. In about three months we expect to be able to present you a few of these wonderful pieces on site. At a later date, we will let you know more about the date. Until then, we are of course still available on site with advice and assistance. We look forward to your visit!


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