Deep Tones Without Deep Pockets: The SVS 1000-Pro Series

At the end of February, a revised version of the 1000 subwoofer series of the manufacturer SVS appears with the models SB-1000-Pro and PB-1000-Pro of the 1000-Pro series. Anyone who wants "real" cinema sound for the home, i.e. not only wants to hear the bass, but also feel it, is well advised to use a subwoofer. A woofer is just as excellent for reproducing the lower frequencies of all styles of music. With the help of a designated bass speaker, any audiophile setup can be rounded off in this way, making the listening experience even more rousing.

To keep the investment in upgrading home sound affordable, SVS have made it their mission to bring premium sound to a new level of affordability. In doing so, they show that sound reproduction doesn’t have to suffer any sacrifices.

The two subwoofers differ primarily in their construction. On the basis of the respective abbreviation in the product designation, can be read off around which it concerns. SB and PB stand for SVS “Sealed Box” and “Ported Box”, respectively, so closed or with bass reflex tube(s). Both subwoofers are equipped with an even more powerful power amplifier and newly developed 12-inch drivers. With an average power of 325 watts, SVS’ new subwoofers bring more than enough oomph to satisfy the desire for punchy sound. The PB-1000-Pro will be available in an ash gray finish, while the SB-1000-Pro additionally comes in black or white piano gloss finishes. The former will weigh 19 kg and the latter 12 kg. As an attractive bonus feature, both models can be conveniently operated using a specially developed app.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not already thinking about buying one or more subwoofers, you’d be well advised to wait until the new 1000-Pro series is released. These will be available at the end of February at the same price as the predecessor series models.

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