Coming Soon To HiFi im Hinterhof: Harbeth’s P3ESR XD Speakers

There's still a lot to be officially released on the P3ESR XD from Harbath. What we do know is that the refined version of the already reknowned speakers have it all. Starting with timeless, chic design along with the expected remarkable sound — we're already excited about these small but mighty beauties!

The Backstory
Some 30 years ago, the BBC, the UK’s public service broadcaster, was looking for a monitor speaker that could be used for both recording and broadcasting. A research team was put together for this purpose, in which Dudley Harwood, among others, played a leading role. The “Har” in the company name Harbeth comes from him, his wife Beth supplied the other half. The research results of that time are still reflected today in the excellent sound quality of Harbeth loudspeakers, for example through the use of resonance-damping plastics for the membranes. The company is now headed by Alan Shaw, who continues the company’s tradition. To this day, all production is still carried out in England.

Harbeth has, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary, completely overhauled the core loudspeakers in order to raise the sound one step higher. The P3ESR XD also benefits from this anniversary. The bookshelf speaker contains improved crossover components and optimal internal wiring. This is naturally reflected in the sound. The crossovers have also been refined using the latest computer software and a variety of listening tests, resulting in a more natural and relaxed sound compared to the previous model. With a speaker, just the size of a shoebox, this is a remarkable achievement! By the way, this classic beauty is available in Cherry, Olive and Rosewood.

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