Coming Soon: Auralic’s Evolutionary G2 Series

An update for the G2 and GX series products is coming from Auralic. As you would expect, it is the sonic performance and a wide range of features that have been upgraded ⁠— much to the appreciation of users!

In the G2 series, the housing, in particular, has been modernised. It is a Unity Chassis 2, which means that the models now have a double housing (aluminium outside, copper inside), which has a positive effect on the sound experience. In addition, there have been some internal adjustments: The USB output has been improved, and the HDD port has also been updated. This increases the compatibility with D/A converters or external hard disks. Since the devices have been improved and not fundamentally changed, the series now runs under the name G2.1, which is now the models ARIES G2.1 (streaming transporter) and VEGA G2.1 (streaming DAC).

Die neue G2.1-Serie von Auralic

By the way: If desired, the old G2 models can still be built. However, since this will result in the status of a special order, a waiting period of up to three months is to be expected. Worth mentioning is also the recommended retail price because, with the secession of the value-added tax (VAT)  from the 1st of July to the end of 2020, buyers of Auralic products could expect unpredictable sums.


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