Interview with Rainer Fink from Marantz on the SA-10 and PM-10

As part of our workshops on the new Marantz 10 Series, we had the opportunity to speak with seasoned acoustic engineer Rainer Finck about his career, various areas of hi-fi technology and, of course, the new SA-10 and PM-10 models.

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Now In Stock: The Marantz SA-10 & The PM-10

Our Marantz workshop is still a few weeks away however the star of the event – the new 10 Series – has already arrived in our shop and is waiting to impress you with its incredible sound.  Let the good times begin!

New Arrival: The Marantz Hifi Series 10, 11 and 14

Marantz’s home cinema components have been part of our program for some time now due to their upstanding and entirely convincing quality. Now we’re glad ti have our range updated with their latest HiFi series, which will be stocked in our studios and our online shop  Particularly noteworthy is the 10 Series, which will be released at the end of February. From now on, we are also introducing the 14 Series as well as the 11 Series and the latter we would like to introduce in this article in detail.

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M6 Encore 255 / Connection from Musical Fidelity – Now In Our Showrooms

Since the announcement at the beginning of the year, the all-in-one system of the British hi-fi manufacturer Musical Fidelity has been spoken for, as the complete system was met with great approval and perfectly compliments every hi-fi system. The M6 Encore models are two modern multi-format music streamers with a CD player/ripper and a wide range of connectivity options. The M6 Encore 225 has a power amplifier integrated and the M6 Encore Connect can be connected to an existing power amplifier.

Das All-in-one System M6 Encore 255 von Musical Fidelity

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HiFi Bundle : Cayin MT-34L & Cambridge Aeromax 6 – 2099€

One of the many bonuses of our comprehensive HiFi range is that you can endlessly experiment with the possibilities of various components. Of course, does not mean necessarily that the result is convincing in every case, but there are always variations that simply make sense. TPrecisely the case with our new Hifi-Bundle, consisting of Cayin MT-34L and Cambridge Aeromax 6, which we will now present.

HiFi im Hinterhof Bundle: Cayin MT-34L und Cambridge Audio Aeromax 6

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Our High End Amplifiers: Accuphase E-600, Mark Levinson No. 585 and Musical Fidelity NuVista 800

Three different manufacturers, three times absolute high-end sound: let’s take a look into three major intergrated amplifiers currently in our collection and see what can be compared. We want to consciously avoid long explanations with respect to the high-quality processing which should be a matter of course in this price range, as well as on extravagant sound analysis, prefering instead want to specially present the relatively different concepts. Should you feel inclined please don’t hestitate to join us for your own live hearing test where you can discover your own preferences among theses great devices.

Accuphase E-600, Mark Levinson No. 585 und Musical Fidelity NuVista 800 bei HiFi im Hinterhof

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