Introducing The New Musical Fidelity M6 Vinyl Preamp

The British cult manufacturer Musical Fidelity has recently rounded off the M6 range with a hefty phono preamp which we think is really something to look forward to. The hi-fi blacksmith has a long history in this area, was over and over the years over and over again provided with a phono pre-amp. The new phono-preamp in turn, promises to combine several pickup systems in itself. Reason enough to take a close look at this very stylish M6 vinyl preamp.

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Digital Meets Analogue With The PM8006 Amplifier From Marantz

We have published a detailed report on the crowd pleaser Marantz ND8006. This is a wonderful result on amp models like the PM8006. This integrated amplifier is equipped for all game players, but also for use with the Marantz Musical Phono EQ stage. The PM8006 is a bridge between the analogue and digital worlds. Bt we would like to let the pictures speak for themselves.

The Lovely Stereo Systems from NAD

Among HiFi enthusiasts, the audiophile HiFi systems that NAD Electronics launches have always been known as classics. Under this premise, the Canadians have now created a wonderful series, which ties in with the unmistakable devices and is ideally suited to build a stereo system from great components.

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