Accuphase Presentation with B&W 802 D3: 11th & 12th of March 2016

After the Lange Nacht der Ohren, it was with a heavy heart that we had to say good-bye to the wonders of the B&W 802 D3 demo speakers but now again we are lucky enough to have a second chance to be playing the top model of the 800 Series again. As part of our Accuphase presentation we will be presenting new Accuphase components in combination with the exceptional speakers from B&W label and you are of course warmly welcome to this event taking place on the 11th and 12th of March at Hifi im Hinterhof. The event will take place in the German language.

Accuphase Hausmesse am 12. und 13 März bei HiFi im Hinterhof
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Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation) Workshop

Gunter Weidemann, Senior Product Manager at Beyerdynamic recently held a very interesting and informative presentation with us on the subject Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation), DT and the Tesla technology, head-phone production and technology and also headphone amplifiers. The video, however, is in the German language (and also quite long). For thos of you interested in certain aspects, a time marker in the YouTube description can be used for skipping. Have fun!

Hearing Experiment: Vinyl, CD or MP3? Musik Express magazine decides

A few months ago we were asked whether we could do an experiment for the music magazine Musik Express: three different test candidates listening to different pieces of music in succession in each case on record, CD and MP3 and exclusively on the basis of listening to check out in which order the different formats have been played. The article is now available in the current issue of the magazine to read to the experiment, but we also have some impressions recorded in words and pictures.

Der Musikexpress zu Gast bei HiFi im Hinterhof

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Join Us On Tour through Optimal Media Pressing Plant

The Optimal Media manufacturers in Röbel are one of Germany’s last great record presses, famed nationally and internationally across all genres for their quality recordings, printed materials and packaging solutions. As part of a co-operative project to accompany our latest offerings, we’d like to give you the chance to join us on an exclusive tour of this holy production hall on the 28th of January 2015. We’d be delighted to have your company!


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The Afterglow: Lange Nacht der Ohren 2014

The guest presenters are long gone, the demonstrations dismantled and the staff are back to being full hands on deck. What we are left with are the amazing times that were had at Lange Nacht der Ohren 2014, and ensuing discourse to in the coming days and weeks. Although these snapshots don’t do the atmosphere and buzz of the evening justice, here are some highlights in photographic form



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Lange Nacht der Ohren 2014 At A Glimpse!

This Saturday it kicks off: Lange Nacht der Ohren, now in its seventh year. We’re knee deep in preparations but somehow managing to keep well on top of the to-do-lists. In case you haven’t got an idea, check out our previously posted program and now additionally, here is a finalised overview of how we’ll be coordinating the evening. Don’t worry, we’ll also be handing out printed leaflets on the night!

Until Saturday!


Lange Nacht der Ohren 2014 Lageplan

Lange Nacht der Ohren

While we hopefully still have a bit of summer to go but we’re starting to get excited about this year’s ‘Lange Nacht der Ohren’, and we want you to also get excited even while you’re soaking up the last of this years sunshine!


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