TV Furniture New Additions at the IMM Cologne

On until the end of this week the latest trends on the topics of living and furnishing are presented in Cologne at the international furniture fair, IMM Cologne. Since for some time we’ve also offered special furniture solutions alongside our electronics, this was of course a must for us and we would like to take this opportunity to introduce several new products from the manufacturers Maja, Schnepel and Spectral.

Das Logo der IMM Cologne

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Moovia – Individual & Stylish Home Cinema Seats

The iconic deep-red, lush chairs at the cinema are just as inherent to the movie-goers experience as the trailers or the popcorn. So no wonder many home theatre owners are on the hunt for an equivalent for their own film paradise. This wish has been fulfilled by Moovia with its home theatre chairs now providing quality seating for the private movie theatre not only in red.

Moovia Berlin Heimkino-Sessel

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Twenty from Spectral in-store from May onwards

Every now and then we see it fit to remind you that our carefully selected HiFi, TV and home theatre components range also comes alongside considered accessories for a range of needs, such as housing your entertainment systems. The recently presented in Cologne and soon to arrive at our furniture range Twenty from Spectral supplies the perfect kick start to completing your electronic collections.


Spectral Twenty in Kürze bei HiFi im Hinterhof erhätlich

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Schnepel Furniture at HiFi im Hinterhof

If you’ve ever dropped in, you’ll know we emphasize the setting of the pieces we stock. It’s not simply about the consumption of a piece of electronic equipment but the complete experience: our pre-advisory capacities, supplementary equipment and being there for on-going queries and concerns. We are delighted to have in-stock new furniture from brand Schepnel providing a range of dynamic home-installation options.


Schnepel Möbel in unserem TV-Studio

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Spectral Ameno now on show: more than just TV and Hi-Fi furniture

Whether in the living room, home theatre or in your own music room, again and again one is faced with the challenge of integrating technology into a room. And always the answer seems to be found quickly: appropriate furniture is needed. It should be fit for purpose, but also stand for themselves, make the room look good. Once they are designed to put the carefully curated stereo in the right light or frame the big new TV fit, other times should be best seen as little, messy cables and sockets certainly not. They should be processed valent, a trusty companion for many years, but also flexible, because tastes change and TVs are changing before our eyes. There is a whole catalog of claims, that can be very different tomorrow. And then? You end up finally with Ameno.



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