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Trinnov: The Star In The Home Cinema Sky

Even the French director Luc Besson has equipped his private home cinema studio with components from the Parisian audio genius Trinnov. This is not surprising since the models of this manufacturer are absolute high-end devices. We jumped on the wagons with them and can see ourselves as an authorized and certified Trinnov dealer.

We Say Thank You With Our Cash Back Offer

We would like to give something back to our customers. That's why we've put together a range of selected products that you can take advantage of our cashback campaign as a thank you when you buy them. Currently, the assortment in this product group is still manageable you can find the respective products in the respective promotion category as well as via the search function but we are still increasing the articles. It's worth taking a look!

Home Cinema Deluxe: The Trinnov Altitude 16 AV Preamplifier

French high-end blacksmith Trinnov is not only known for its excellent hardware, but also for its outstanding room correction software. Taken together, these two factors have already made the Altitude 32 a state-of-the-art home cinema pre-stage, and with the sensibly purified Altitude 16, the concept has become even rounder, more practical and more affordable.

Newly Landed: The FIIO M11

In recent years, FIIO has established itself as one of the first addresses in the field of high-resolution audio players for on the go. The accumulated experience now benefits the latest FIIO DAP called M11, which scores with a packed feature list and audiophile fine tuning.