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New TV Studios At Hifi Im Hinterhof

In the past few weeks, we have expanded our TV studios with two new rooms. In the small room, the Panorama 2 soundbar can be tested with different TV models - from OLED to QLED - while we specialize in large format in the room. Both rooms have in common that one can calmly and at will compare with each other. We are very happy with the end result - here are some pictures of the new spaces...

The Marantz ND8006: An All-Rounder On The Highest Level

Some time ago, Marantz introduced the ND8006 to the world. It is the first all-rounder network CD player from the Japanese company. An obligatory feature is of course the CD playback and streaming from network and Internet - of course in high resolution. Since the all-rounder has some other highlights in its luggage, there is a brief overview and a few first impressions.

The Lovely Stereo Systems from NAD

Among HiFi enthusiasts, the audiophile HiFi systems that NAD Electronics launches have always been known as classics. Under this premise, the Canadians have now created a wonderful series, which ties in with the unmistakable devices and is ideally suited to build a stereo system from great components.