Back To Basics: Active & Passive Speakers

In our new German-language video, one of our team leaders Jochen explains the basic concepts of passive and active loudspeakers and demonstrates with two examples why the principles of active speakers can be quite different. You can also find more information here in an earlier blog entry. Enjoy!

The Switch To Digital Terrestrial TV DVB-T2 HD

Digital terrestrial television will soon be able to be enjoyed in HD quality! In order to expand the mobile broadband internet, the broadcasting frequencies used for DVB-T transmission are beingt re-tuned, which means there is to be an update to the digital antenna television. Together with the increasing desire for television with HD content, the effort to reduce transmission frequencies so far is now showing its benefits. In many regions of Germany, as of 29 March 2017 the DVB-T will be replaced by its successor DVB-T2 HD. Let’s examine the new standard and what to look out for…

Hierbei handelt es sich um die Antenne 17215 von Oehlbach

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Theme Overview: Music Streaming

In order to play one’s favourite music, you do not necessarily need a few CDs juggling between the apartment and the car, and apart from the music collection on the computer and the smartphone separately, the magic word is streaming. Recently, we gave a video overview of the Auralic Aries mini, Cambridge Audio CX N, and Naim Audio ND5 XS. Also interesting are the multiroom streaming systems from Bluesound, Denon HEOS as well as Sonos, for which there are already overview. At this point we would now like to discuss the fundamentals of the topic.

Multiroom-System mit Modellen von Naim Audio, Bluesound, Sonos und Denon HEOS

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Sony TV 2015/2016: Sorting Your Stations

The sorting of the TV stations directly at the device can be a little cumbersome sometimes with the current Sony TVs. Although it’s gotten faster and more comfortable with the program list editor from Sony, a USB stick and the computer. Our team member Stefan will guide you through our step-by-step German language video guide.

HDR for TV and Home Theatre, some ground work…

After 4K or Ultra HDR were the hot buzz words in recent years, when it came to the latest TV and projection technology, the latest offers of streaming services or the long-prepared introduction of the Blu-ray successor, established itself in recent months already the next catchy acronym behind which a whole series of technical changes conceal: HDR. As usual the information was initially poor and it took a while for their to be established standards but since then there has become a comprehensive overview of the subject is no more obstacles.


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Active and Passive Loudspeakers – An Overview

In the Hi-Fi world, there are a whole range of issues that are not exhausted even after decades even of discussion. One of these fundamental issues revolves around the pros and cons of active speakers to a combination of external power amplifiers and passive speakers. Usually in the debate mainly technical arguments are exchanged and we will examine this aspect, but also want to give some thought about “changes in user behavior” and attach the possible consequences.


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Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation) Workshop

Gunter Weidemann, Senior Product Manager at Beyerdynamic recently held a very interesting and informative presentation with us on the subject Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation), DT and the Tesla technology, head-phone production and technology and also headphone amplifiers. The video, however, is in the German language (and also quite long). For thos of you interested in certain aspects, a time marker in the YouTube description can be used for skipping. Have fun!