Category: HiFi

JBL & Mark Levinson MusicLife App Upgrades

We're excited to announce that the Harman MusicLife app has been reimagined! Download it for free app from Apple iTunes or Google Play and use it to operate your high-fidelity devices from JBL and Mark Levinson via smartphone and tablet. We've put together a summary of what's new.

JBL’s New L75ms Soundsystem

Once again, JBL brings the retro feeling into our living rooms: From the traditional manufacturer now comes the new music system L75ms. This complete system offers an excellent opportunity to listen to your own music collection in the best acoustics. We've already received the model, so we would like to invite you to try it out. Here's an overview.

KEF Speaker Launch At Spreespeicher In Berlin

Yesterday, the HiFi im Hinterhof team was invited to participate in a marketing event hosted by manufacturer KEF. Just in time for the company's 60th anniversary, their new speakers were ceremoniously unveiled. Naturally, we also took some great photos to share with you! Read on for a brief summary of the event as well as a quick look at some of the products presented.

Video: Cleaning Your Vinyl With Smart Matrix

In our latest YouTube video, we look at how to take your pleasure from your vinyl collection to the next level.  Using the new Clearaudio's Smart Matrix SILENT record washing machine, Robert not only shows how to lengthen the lifespan of your black beauties but also how significantly increase their sound quality. Hope you enjoy the video!

Video: IsoTek’s V5 Aquarius & EVO3 Syncro Uni Clean Power Vision

Here's a new video from the head of our HiFi Team, Robert, introducing an often-neglected subject of energy-handling in entertainment devices. With the help of products from the iconic IsoTek, we'd like to give you an insight into the possibilities of mains filter usage. We hope you enjoy the video, and — as always — feel welcome to come into our retail store in Berlin-Kreuzberg for any queries you may wish to discuss in person.