New in our showrooms: KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers

After the rumors built up to boiling point, the official announcement was eventually made in October. Now they’re finally in our shop: The active KEF LS50 Wireless speakers– and we have a few photos as proof!

More general information about active speakers can be found here.

Musical Fidelity MX-DAC: Compact DSD and PCM Converter

This year’s High End exhibition in Munich, the featured digital-analog converter Musical Fidelity DAC MX suceeded once again to win the benevolent attention of experts. We also liked the new digital specialist from Great Britain a lot, so we decided to introduce the Musical Fidelity MXDAC here in even closer detail.

Der Musical Fidelity MX-DAC in unserem HiFi-Studio

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Streaming For The Hi-Fi System – An Overview

The ongoing evolution of music shifting out of the physical sound storage medium, coupled with the way to many modes and formates of music data of storing data on your computer, laptop, smartphone or server has altered the classic job profile of hi-fi equipment. Without question, this profile can be all together further questioned thanks to the possibility of streaming entirely online, it is theoretically possible to forgo a locally-stored library all together. In response to these changes in the market, countless solutions are now available to ensure the seamless integration of the digital sphere. In addition to the special accessories there are also those products which combine what were once orginally seperate equipment categories. It’s very easy to loose track, so we’re going to take you through slowly, showing you several examples of components that really matter.

Streaming For The Hi-Fi System

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Digital Music: How Does It Work? Conversion After the DSD Mode

After already digging deep in the previous article with the PCM method (Pulse Code Modulation) and having quite meticulously worked through some fundamental aspects of digitisation, let’s get to the much-discussed alternative DSD (Direct Stream Digital). The focus again will be mainly on the technical implementation and the resulting consequences for our digital signal. In discussing the pros and cons of one or the other format, we’re here to inform – ultimately the decision is yours

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Digital Music: How It Works

As part of our series on The Source of Good Music we’ve already touched several fields of “Digital Music”. We’ve compared different storage formats for music information presented and compared, it fell to assess the quality of these data mainly two concepts again and again: sample rate and word length. But what exactly do they actually mean? And what happens in the translation of analog signals in the digital world? Even at the risk of literally go here in a bottomless pit, we will try to provide some basic answers, focusing on the widespread PCM method (Pulse Code Modulation).

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The Source of Good Music Part III: Online Streaming

What a couple of years ago sounded like science fiction in the truest sense of the word has now established itself as a serious foothold in the music industry. In 2013, the market share of online streaming services reached 5% of the total turnover of the music industry in Germany and a growth rate of 91% shows: Here the potential is far from exhausted. Meanwhile courting a number of providers for the favor of the customer. They differ not only in terms of the offered sound quality, but also in terms of compatibility and pricing model. So it’s worth a closer look and what we have done in some of the great services on hand for you: .


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