Canton’s New Active Wireless Subwoofer Smart Sub 12

Canton is launching a new closed subwoofer system and we have already taken a look. The active woofer goes by the name Smart Sub 12 and is a modern, wirelessly operated system.

With a size of 38 x 45 x 40 cm (W x H x D) and a weight of 22.4 kg, the Smart Sub 12 will quickly find its place in any living room. The choice between black or white lacquered casing should also give enough leeway to harmonize with other devices and furniture. A polished glass plate on the top rounds off the design successfully.

The Smart Sub 8 is already known, but it can rather be dubbed as the little brother of this new subwoofer. The new subwoofer delivers enormous low bass performance from as low as 22 hertz and is, of course, primarily designed to reproduce movies and music with the highest dynamics. And what’s behind it? The high-performance 308 mm woofer chassis plays ideally together with the 200 watt digital power amplifier. This produces powerful bass. And since the woofer plays downward (so-called downfiring) the placement is remarkably unproblematic.

Die Anschlüsse des Smart Sub 12 von Canto

Smart Sub 12 is, of course, compatible with all products in Canton’s Smart series and, of course, wirelessly. Volume, phase and channel level can then be adjusted directly via the Smart device. Wired, on the other hand, the small box can be excellently combined with other speakers via the RCA input. It is even a match for large floor-standing speakers. What’s also particularly nice is that the cube switches on independently, automatically, as soon as an audio signal is present and also switches off when you’re no longer playing sounds. Smart to the end thought!

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