CanJam Europe 2015 – Europe’s Biggest Headphones Fair

Last weekend for the third time, the CanJam Europe headphone fair took place in Essen where everything revolves around the theme of headphones: headphone amplifiers, digital-to-analog converter and mobile players. It was a great opportunity to obtain a compact and comprehensive overview of the current market developments, catch up with old acquaintances as well as newly gained contacts and new inspiration for our headphone studio.


Despite a rather inhospitable departure time of our train, Saturday morning at 5.38am, we arrived relaxed and good-humored to Essen central station. After a quick breakfast we went also straight towards th fairgrounds.

HiFi-Talk im ICE

Ankunft in Essen

Sicheres Anzeichen dafür, dass wir auf dem richtigen Weg sind

Ankunft bei der CanJam 2015The exhibitors were spread over two rooms and the foyer on the first floor. There was among other things, the stand of Stereo magazine, where you could compare headphones from various manufacturers a foretaste of the exuberant variety at the CanJam 2015. After side trips to the stands of AKG and Ultrasone we met Richard Drees of AudioQuest, the brought us up to date in terms of audio cables and their Nighthawk headphones and incidentally will also feature at the Lange Nacht der Ohren 2015 on November 7. A highlight was also the Hochschule Niederrheinwith with their a research project: a set of headphones that were manufactored with 3D printing, and the sound was not so bad.

Gemischtes Programm am Stand der HiFi.Zeitschrift Stereo

Ein Abstecher zu AKG und Ultrasone

Kabel-Talk bei Audioquest

Der Audioquest Nighthawk in seine Einzelteile zerlegt

Das Projekt der Hochschule Niederrhein: Ein Kopfhörer ensteht im 3D-Drucker

Eine Nahaufnahme des 3D-DruckerSome time later we had worked our way up to the largest exhibition space and also took advantage of the opportunity here for detailed pre-listening, and one or the other conversation. We visited among other things the stands of Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Lehmannaudio, Astell & Kern, Stax, Oppo, AudioNEXT(Audeze, Aurelic etc.), EternalArts and Rooms.

Im Gespräch mit Norbert Lehmann von Lehmann Audio

Der Stand von Lehmann Audio

Unschwer zu erkennen: Der neue Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro

Kooperation zwischen Beyerdynamic und Astell & Kern: Der Astell & Kern AK T8iE

Der Astell & Kern AK T8iE klang definitiv überzeugend

Der Astell & Kern AK T1p - ebenfalls aus der Zusammenarbeit mit Beyerdynamic hervorgegangen

High-End Player von Astell & Kern als Zuspielgerät

Elektrostaten-Spezialist Stax war mit einem großen Stand vertreten

Rooms: Schicke Kopfhörerständer und umweltbewusste Firmenpolitik

Am Stand von AudioNEXT gab es einiges zu entdecken

Aurelic Aries Mini: Kompakte und hochwertige Streaming-Zentrale

Der Athena A1 Kopfhörerverstärker von ENIGMAcoustics

Der gut besuchte Stand von Oppo

Die Stände EternalArts und Sennheiser im Eingangsbereich des großen AusstellungsraumsAfter we had been looking in detail, we went back through the foyer into the second room, where we still men casting a leisurely stopover at Violectric or Lake People and a short breather.

Im Gespräch bei Violectric

Der Violectric HPA V90 und der Lake People G109-A

HiFi-Mann mit HiFiMAN

Hör-Session bei Grado

Der Pioneer SE-MASTER1

Our Conclusion

Overall, our first visit to the CanJam Europe has left an absolutely positive impression. For headphone enthusiasts and those who want to be there to discover many exciting products without one would slain by an unmanageable number of exhibitors – here quality is clearly more important than quantity. Also noteworthy is the very relaxed and quiet atmosphere, not least the fact is due, of course, that here exclusively headphone amplifiers are turned up.

In view of the assortment in our headphones studio and our online offers really confirms that we are well positioned to show you a good variety of what is available. To keep it that way in the future, we will make some additions in the near future and examine other potential candidates through their paces. Certainly the jointly developed with Beyerdynamic, Astell & Kern AK T8iE will find their way into our program, the same applies to the Jubilee headphone amplifier G109-A from Lake People. We will be taking a look at the the Made in Germany tube amplifier from EternalArts and closed headphones ether C of MrSpeakers. For questions about upcoming or already available products we are always at your disposal!

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