AV Power For Home Cinema: The NAD T778

Home cinema has long been more than just staring at a screen. With the NAD T778, you get the latest technology in both video and audio. Also, the AV receiver is a powerful multi-room system. The most important facts about the new model from NAD are summarised below.

First of all, it must be mentioned that the NAD T778 is equipped with the Dirac Live measuring system to provide ideal sound in any room. The AV receiver is, as already mentioned, a multi-talent. It features the popular BluOS streaming platform, which can be used to play your music, streaming services and Internet radio. Dolby TrueHD, DTS Master Audio and Dolby Atmos inspire on the audio level; visually, of course, there is HDR, Dolby Vision. The device can be operated via the frontal TFT touch screen, as well as smart devices such as telephone and tablet and the computer.

Sämtliche Anschlüsse des NAD T778


Especially exciting about the T778 is the MDC module system. This is called Modular Design Construction and refers to a function in which age-sensitive technologies are stored directly on a plug-in card that can be easily exchanged for a new version by technical staff. NAD would like to offer its customers the possibility to enjoy the equipment they have purchased for longer and not always have to buy a new model to stay up to date with the latest technical achievements.

The NAD T778 is expected to be available from mid-May.

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