Lexicon’s Audiophile Home Cinema RV 9 Tech AV Receiver

The current top device among high-end AV receivers is the RV-9 from Lexicon, a company belonging to Harman International Industries. This AVR sets standards in all areas of surround and immersive sound and inspires with its unlimited qualities in stereo. The RV-9 is a Class G power amplifier with particularly audiophile qualities. From this special cinema and audio highlight, we were able to secure the very last units for the European market.

Build, Connections, Technical Features 

The Lexicon RV-9 is enclosed in a solid black housing. At the front, there is a display on the left side that shows the operating status. The large volume control knob is located in the middle of the display, and on the far right are two rows of ten buttons that allow you to control the device. The AV receiver provides a total of three HDMI outputs and seven HDMI 2.0a inputs.

You can look forward to the latest audio formats such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, DTS Virtual:X and Imax Enhanced. Spotify Connect is also available. In addition, the AVR has seven Class G amplifiers integrated, and the RV-9 can process up to 11.2 channels. Conversely, this means that with the help of external amplifiers, 5.1.4 and even 7.1.4 setups are within the realm of possibility.

Das Lexicon AV-Flaggschiff RV-9

The major highlight of the AVR is clearly Harman’s own Logic7 Immersion technology. This technology is responsible for the three-dimensional sound and thus a spatial multi-channel performance, with which the Lexicon models stand out.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the RV-9 also features the Dirac Live calibration tool, which is used to calibrate the model for each listening room, so that the sound is fully capable, and inspiring.


The RV-9 is the receiver flagship of the American Lexicon. It is rightly considered an absolute highlight. The powerful sound will leave an impression on friends of music and film alike.

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