Apple iOS 10.3.1 – Only A Software Update?

The latest software update from Apple has caused a lot of confusion and consequently has meant a need for an explanation to the users of mobile playback. For this reason we will briefly explain the phenomenon.

Uninterrupted phone reception is the top priority of the iPhone. To guarantee this, the data stream is throttled by the software version iOS 10.3.1 via the Lightning socket, as soon as the smartphone is unable to receive the complete four bars of reception. This creates annoyance for all users of a mobile DAC or headphone amplifiers, which utilize this interface as many have to rely on sound monitors and unrecognized output devices. All you have to do is switch the phone into flight mode and deactivate the mobile function or to quickly search for full reception to service the mobile phone again.

Currently many manufacturers are in discussion with Apple on this topic. Whether the problem can be solved in the short term by a software update will remain unresolved for the time being.

This of course leaves the question open of whether or not now is the right occasion to purchase a mobile high-resolution player. You are always welcome to come to listen to the options in our headphone studio.

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