Active Noise Cancelling With Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Anyone currently able to work home office would more than appreciate a high-quality pair of headphones. And Sennheiser has just delievered with their new Momentum True Wireless 2 — including active noise cancelling.

The Momentum True Wireless has earned their popularity and and reputation for a long time. Compared to the previous model, the new Momentum True Wireless 2 is ergonomically adapted, and the case has is two-millimetres smaller. This means that especially people with smaller ears will now enjoy the headphones even more because owing to a more comfortable fit.

Der Momentum True Wireless 2 in schwarzer Ausführung

The in-ear models will be available in black and white. In addition to the charging case, the delivery includes four pairs of silicone earplugs in different sizes and a USB-A-to-USB-C cable. As the headphones are not wired, they are simply connected via Bluetooth 5.1. They are more fun to use than a simple headset, especially in the home office. The sound of the small headphones is excellent, just like the previous model. Only a low volume is needed to listen to dynamic music. Last but not least, the in-ears are also distinguished by their active noise suppression function, which successfully suppresses background noise.

The Momentum True Wireless 2 can be pre-ordered from the beginning of April.

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