Accuphase’s New DP-450 CD Player

Accurate sampling and quiet operation are two of the many exciting features of the DP-450 CD player from Accuphase. Read on to learn more about this new beauty. 

When it comes to CD players, Accuphase can look back on 35 years of experience. That is quite remarkable! So it’s no surprise that the DP-450 incorporates numerous innovations that help ensure the best possible listening experience. The technologies range from elastic dampers that minimize unwanted vibrations to a D/A converter with four parallel circuits. In addition, the player features a Direct Balanced Filter with separate lines and balanced signal paths. This ensures stable signal transmission, which in turn improves the sound quality.

Above all, accurate sampling is a must for such a model because it has an enormous influence on the quality of the sound. In the DP-450, the drive mechanism has been placed as close as possible to the mechanism’s base plate. As a result, external vibrations are reduced, and at the same time, the laser’s servo motor is better decoupled. The accuracy of the readout is improved by the fact that elastic dampers reduce the amplification of natural resonances in the reader’s servomotor. To allow the CD to rotate cleanly, eight-pole neodymium is used for the alignment magnet, which secures the turntable.

At connections, the model brings transport outputs and digital inputs. It also has a digital interface with USB input, as well as a digital connection with an Accuphase voicing equalizer. With a weight of just under 14 kilos and dimensions of about 47 x 15 x 40 cm (W x H x D), the DP-450 is impressive. And also, in other respects, it visually fits quite fabulously into the well-known Accuphase models.

Die Anschlüsse des Accuphase DP-450

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