Accuphase Presentation with B&W 802 D3: 11th & 12th of March 2016

After the Lange Nacht der Ohren, it was with a heavy heart that we had to say good-bye to the wonders of the B&W 802 D3 demo speakers but now again we are lucky enough to have a second chance to be playing the top model of the 800 Series again. As part of our Accuphase presentation we will be presenting new Accuphase components in combination with the exceptional speakers from B&W label and you are of course warmly welcome to this event taking place on the 11th and 12th of March at Hifi im Hinterhof. The event will take place in the German language.

The following audio program will be heard on these two days:

Accuphase C-3850 – Pre-Amplifier (new)
Accuphase DP-900SACD/CD Precision Drive
Accuphase DC-901 – D/A-Converter
Accuphase DG-58 – Digitale Space Corrector (new)
Accuphase PS-1220 – Power Refurbishment
Accuphase M-6200 – Mono-Power Amplifiers (new)
Bowers & Wilkins 802 D3 – Loud speakers

The program with Babak Moayedpour from Accuphase Germany distrubtor P.I.A. On Friday we will start with the first presentation at 1pm in our HiFi Showrooms, with more events on 1.5 hour to closing time. On Saturday it goes from 10am at the same rate to 4pm.

Registration is not necessary!


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