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Surround Sound with The Bluesound Powernode 2i HDMI

The Powernode 2i from Bluesound is a streaming amplifier that has played a role in our audio constellations many times. Now the model has been updated to the latest version, features an HDMI connection on the back and allows you to enjoy the Dolby Digital experience in your own four walls — without any cable clutter! The Powernode 2i HDMI is connected to passive speakers and becomes the centre of the multi-channel sound system. Older models can still be used and be used as rear surround channels. An incredible innovation!

Now In Our Showrooms: The Musical Fidelity M2 Series

After turbulent months with a change of ownership and internal restructuring, Musical Fidelity has good news for the end of the year: The new beginner series M2, consisting of the CD player M2sCD and the analogue integrated amplifier M2si, leaves an extremely positive impression thanks to the clear concept and the focus on classical HiFi virtues.

Theme Overview: Music Streaming

In order to play one's favourite music, you do not necessarily need a few CDs juggling between the apartment and the car, and apart from the music collection on the computer and the smartphone separately, the magic word is streaming. Recently, we gave a video overview of the Auralic Aries mini, Cambridge Audio CX N, and Naim Audio ND5 XS. Also interesting are the multiroom streaming systems from Bluesound, Denon HEOS as well as Sonos, for which there are already overview. At this point we would now like to discuss the fundamentals of the topic.

High Resolution Streaming Clients: Auralic Aries Mini and Bluesound Node 2

With faster data transfer rates, better coding methods and higher storage capacities, digital streaming music formats have developed in recent years as a serious alternative to traditional media playback and now exist for HiFi applications in a number of appropriate solutions. These include so-called streaming clients, for example, which serve as a bridge between an existing system and the digital world. We provide two devices in this category - Auralic Aries Mini and Blue Sound Node 2 - each with their different emphases.